Our Founders


TaSanni is the dream child of 2 childhood friends Fatsani Chikwana-Dogani and Tariro Mapuranga-Sibanda. The name TaSanni is a combination of the names of the founding partners. Feeling inspired by the rising African fashion movement we decided to go against the thread and made the brave decision to launch a clothing line that sources directly from Africa. The desire to give back to a continent we call home has been the driving force behind our determination. We have been questioned time and time again as to why we are not sourcing from China which is definitely an easier option. Our vision and aim is to help the African economy by encouraging economic growth from the ground up. We count our blessings for the opportunities we have had and therefore want to give back while helping small African businesses flourish.

We met each other in the 4th grade when we both lived in Ethiopia, our friendship has matured ever since. Following years of procrastinating we recently took the plunge and decided to go into business together. This partnership is proving to be the best thing we ever did. We have definitely been pushed to our full potential. We have been able to achieve so much in a very short period of time. Bouncing off each other's strengths has been our saving grace. The fact that we know each other so well helps us stay the course when facing challenges. We can easily diffuse a stressful situation by cracking a joke and while addressing issues head on.

Today we see the birth of our baby and we couldn't be prouder. We look forward to growing TaSanni into a fashion house to be reckoned with, so Tasannistas buckle up and join us on this journey.